In the year 2016 an interesting idea popped up into our minds. After long discussions the name Street Sweetz Ltd was born and was to become one of the forefront companies in the Gummy Industry. We started to put our gummy head ideas into practice and arranged to meet some of the global manufactures where the magic happens.

We flew over the oceans on our magic like carpets landing into the magical city. Upon arrival we were transported on our mystical ride into the kingdom of gummies, where the smell of yumminess tickled our taste buds.

After taking our tour around gummy land, we sat with the gummy wizards and discussed our dreams and this is where the sparkling handshake took place.

Once the wizards visualised our dreams they took us for an enchanted banquet. Only to our surprise to experience the true, mouth-watering flavours of gummy land.

We waved goodbye to the wizards and their kingdom to take a tour around the wonderlands which surround the kingdom.

After a few mesmerising days in the magical city, we took our magic ride back to the world of Street Sweetz.

Our ideas and experience which we bought back from the magical kingdom were put onto our secret scroll, where strategies were put into place.

We now supply a variety of gummy sweets and e-liquid products to various distributors, cash and carry's, convenience stores, forecotes, vape stores and many more outlets.

In order for us to achieve our customer demands our dedicated sweets team constantly liaise with our wizards making sure that high levels of testing is done all the time in order for our Street Sweetz products to reach our customers giving them total satisfaction.

We at Street Sweetz Ltd value our customers with honesty and integrity by putting them first and making sure that they always enjoy our mouth-watering flavours.

After customer demand Street Sweetz Ltd have launched an E-Liquid product range. So not only can you eat your Street Sweetz gummies you can now vape your favourite Street Sweetz gummy flavours too.